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The Ultimate List of the Most Creative and Unique Birthday Party Themes

The Ultimate List of the Most Creative and Unique Birthday Party Themes

Is a loved one’s birthday coming up? Don’t settle for the same old balloons and party hats! Instead, get creative with this list of the most creative and unique birthday party themes that are trending right now.

We know deciding on the theme for a birthday party is a huge challenge. This is why, we’ve collected some of the most interesting themes around, to help you and your guests enjoy the big day.

And, for the most awesome themed birthday cakes in Gurgaon, you know where to turn. Just specify your birthday theme, and our creative cake artists will create a stunning culinary delight that will serve as the centerpiece of your event. We also provide complete birthday party catering, including return gifts.

Here are some great theme ideas to make your birthday parties a Grand Success:

Baking School Fundamentals

Baking School Fundamentals – The Various Roles Eggs Play in Baking

Here, at Gurgaon Bakers, we love to share our love for “All Things Baking,” with you, our dear readers. We don’t just want to give you recipe after recipe. Instead, we hope to inculcate the love of baking in you.

To truly fall in love with baking, you need to get your basics right. And, this series is all about – getting the science of baking right so that you can turn it into an art.

Today, in this post, we share with all that you need to know about eggs in baking and its multifarious roles. When it comes to baking, eggs play a huge role. They not only contribute to the flavor of the baked dish but are also responsible for giving structure and texture.

Let’s take a closer look at the role of eggs in baking.

Tips for Organising the Perfect Birthday Party for your Kid

Tips for Organising the Perfect Birthday Party for your Kid

Planning a birthday party for your kid is both fun and exhausting. Here, in today’s post, we give you some fabulous ideas and smart tips to save money, time and your sanity, while preparing and planning for your kiddo’s next birthday party.

The Return Gift Dilemma – Think Outside the Bag

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, next to the birthday cake, the most anticipated item on the list is the return goody bag. Instead, of just giving gifts that will get thrown to the corner, why not think some creative ideas that every young guest will love?

Ultimate Guide to Freezing Cake Batters and Cookie Dough

Ultimate Guide to Freezing Cake Batters and Cookie Dough

Make Now, Bake Later!

The festive season is around the corner! You’re likely to have dozens of chores lined up. From making those time-consuming Indian mithais to making sure all your home decorations are ready, there’s plenty to do. And, to add to this never-ending list of chores is – baking!

Here, we give you yet another baking ninja strategy that we use around here at Gurgaon Bakers. When you have plenty of cakes and other desserts, passing out of your kitchens, day-in, and day out, you have two options: Either wake up at 3 a.m. to bake everything from scratch (and, we do that frequently around here) or pick up some tricks along the way to achieve freshly-baked goodness in a flash.

Stay tuned as we give you the secrets for freezing your dough and batters. Save valuable time and preserve your sanity, instead of slogging in the kitchen for hours together. With these workarounds, you’ll be serving freshly baked goodies without breaking a sweat.

Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Order Cakes from Bakeries

3 Reasons why it Makes Sense to Order Cakes from a Professional Baker for your Kid’s Birthday Party

Your kid’s birthday is coming up and you want to make it all the special for your kiddo. You’ve decided on the theme, finalized the guest list and prepared the décor. Coming to the big question, “What about the Cake?”

Yes, cakes are the centrepiece of any birthday party. After all, “A Party without Cake, is not a Party but just a Meeting.”

Here, in today’s post, we focus on “Ganache.” From giving you a simple fool-proof recipe for making a smooth, silky ganache to answering the common questions about ganache, read on to find all that you need.

You’re all confused. “Should you make it at home or should you get it from a professional bakery?” That’s one of the most difficult decisions to make. After all, you want to express your love for your kiddo, by baking his/her birthday cake.

Versatile Frosting

All that you Need to Know about this Versatile Frosting

Here, in our baking classes at Gurgaon Bakers, we use a wide variety of frostings and we always get this one question, “Are frosting and ganache the same?”

Well, no. Ganache is a type of frosting and frosting is the catch all phrase that denotes all types of icing used for cakes. Some of the popular types of frosting we use in our cakes are – American buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream, fondant, fresh cream frosting, and ganache.

Here, in today’s post, we focus on “Ganache.” From giving you a simple fool-proof recipe for making a smooth, silky ganache to answering the common questions about ganache, read on to find all that you need.


Traits and Skills that all Budding Bakers Should Have

Want to become a better home baker? Pssst…. Let’s tell you a secret – You have to keep on practicing and learning.

Here in today’s post, we’ve come up with a list of traits and essential skills that all amateur bakers should know. How many of these skills do you already have mastered?

Traits that all Bakers Should Inculcate:

Cultivate Organizational Skills

Baking is indeed a master act of juggling. You need to have a sharp mind to organize everything – from forward thinking what ingredients you need to work your way through stages of the recipe, you have to stay alert at all times.

When you’re a baker, you have plenty of things to think ahead. To give a simple example, you need to make sure that your ingredients are at room temperature and your oven is pre-heated before you even begin making the batter.

Also, it doesn’t work out if you find that halfway through the process, you’re missing a key ingredient. Baking needs plenty of organizational skills that aren’t explicitly mentioned in the recipe – Wiping down the kitchen between steps, cleaning and reusing measuring cups, weighing ingredients before use, preparing the necessary equipment and more.

It’s no wonder that they say – baking is a science. Like scientists who work in the labs with accurate and precise steps, you have to be organized in the kitchen.

Birthday Cakes Online

Reasons why Adults should Celebrate their Birthdays

One Year Older, One Year Wiser

When we were young, one of the most anticipated days in the whole year was of course – our birthdays. It meant having a party, where all your friends and relatives came to wish you and shower you with presents, wrapped in shiny paper and tied with a big bow. This was the one day of the year, when you were sure that you wouldn’t get in trouble with your parents, even if you were up to something naughty. And, the best part – your parents and siblings treated you special the whole day.

Ahhhh – those lovely memories. Pretty candles, yummilicious, decadent chocolate cake, beautiful dresses, tons of candy and everything sweet!

So, what happened? Why don’t adults look forward to their birthdays? Why do birthdays pale away as we grow older?

Here, in today’s post, we give you the top reasons why adults should celebrate their birthdays.

Bake a Cake without an Oven

Is it Possible to Bake a Cake without an Oven?

Three Ways to Make Yummy Cakes in your Kitchen with an Oven

Yes! If you’ve been putting off cake baking for so long, since you don’t own an oven, fret not! Here, in today’s post, we give you two methods of baking cakes in your kitchen, without an oven. Yes, you read that right. No fancy gadgets and exotic ingredients.

We give you three fail-safe methods to bake the best cakes at home, with ingredients you’ve got lying around in your pantry.

No more excuses, for not baking a cake. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Baking Hacks

Awesome Baking Hacks to Make Baking a Breeze

Turn into a Baking Goddess with these Hacks up your Sleeve

Baking at times can be stressing. From measuring a ton of ingredients to cutting and serving, there’s a lot going on. And, even expert bakers could do with a little help from time to time. Here, in this post, you can find a list of fantastic baking hacks that streamline your baking process and make your life way easier in the kitchen.

Awesome Baking Hacks that’ll make you Reach for the Oven Every Day

We’ve all been there. You’re hands deep in flour, only to realise that a critical ingredient is missing from your pantry. You look around, only to find that your kitchen counter has more flour than your mixing bowl.

Baking can be a headache at times. Worry not, here are some time-tested hacks to take the stress out of your baking.

Perfect Layer Cake

Expert Tips to Make and Assemble the “Perfect Layer Cake”

From assembling your layers to applying frosting, here’s all that you need to know about constructing the perfect Layer Cake.

Layer cakes are more than a baking project. They are a piece of art, and you need a crafter’s technique and precision to get them right. Mastering the art of making a “Perfect Layer” cake doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time and patience.

With that said, most bakers, even experts are intimidated while making this stunning, impressive dessert. But, it is way easier, than you think.

Here, in today’s post, you can find all that you need to know to make a perfect layer cake from scratch. This is quite a long post with plenty of tips and secrets. So, grab a cuppa of coffee and settle in for an illuminating read.

We’ve divided the post into different sections, so you get an idea of what to do in each step.

10 Healthy Birthday Cakes for Kids that Taste Delicious & Look Smashing!

Whether you have a toddler, pre-schooler, tween, teen or even an adult kid, a fun, delicious birthday cake is something that is a MUST for kids’ birthday parties. After all, nothing spells P-A-R-T-Y like sinking your teeth into a yummy, absolutely delicious cake.

But, kids these days are exposed to alarming levels of sugar in their diet. Be it the biscuits they munch on, or sugar drinks they sip, everything comes with a bucket load of refined sugar. This not only leads to cavities, the dreaded sugar rush but is a major cause of childhood obesity.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to cut back on desserts! NO! Now, you can satisfy your kiddo’s sweet tooth with healthy cakes that taste surprisingly good.

Edible cake Laces

The World of Edible Cake Laces

All that you Need to Know to Create Dainty Charming Lace Effects on your Cakes.

Is there anything that spells elegance, timelessness and oodles of charm at a wedding than dainty, feminine lace?

Now, you can enjoy pretty lace on your wedding cake. Yes, you read that right! Presenting you with Edible Lace, the highly sought-after wedding cake trend for 2018!


Frosting the Perfect Cupcake – 3 Super Easy Ways that are Elegant and Drool-Worthy

Baking Trends come and go, but what remains constant is that “Cupcakes are the ultimate comfort food.” Birthdays, kitty parties, breakups – there’s no occasion which is unsuitable for a cupcake piled high with yummy buttercream frosting.

“Frosting is the final touch that turns a regular cupcake into a culinary masterpiece.”

Have never wielded a piping bag before? Or don’t own even a single piping tip? Worry not, make use of these three insanely simple ways to frost your cupcakes.

Guide to make Perfect Sugar cookies

The Complete Guide to Making the PERFECT Sugar Cookies this Holiday Season

Are you ready to make the best cookies for Santa?

It’s that time of the year again! The halls are decked, fairy lights are hung up, and the whole city takes on a festive air. And, bakers all over the country are rolling out mounds of dough to prepare a plate of freshly-baked cookies for Santa.

Sugar cookies are a dessert that has been around for centuries – whether you’re serving them along with tea or placing them along with a warm glass of milk for Santa, these gorgeous frosted creations never disappoint....

Baking with Booze 101

Baking with Alcohol 101

Give your desserts and baked goodies an extra punch this holiday season, by adding in a little booze! Be amazed by the dramatic changes in flavour that a few drops of alcohol can bring!

“Bourbon?” “Spiced Rum?” or “Brandy?”

Does that feel like a discussion of finding the perfect cocktail for a house party this winter? Nope, that’s a discussion of our bakers looking to enhance the flavour of our wintery cakes...

Differences between Baking powder and baking soda

Baking Basics: Baking Powder Vs. Baking Soda - What’s the Difference?

Can you use one instead of the other? Find out Now.

Welcome back to another installment of Baking Basics, here at Gurgaon Bakers. In this series, we give you insights and tips to get your basics right, so that you can go ahead and earn your mastery in baking.

In today’s article, we’re discussing one of the most mind-boggling subjects in baking. We’re delving into the pressing question that arises in all newbie bakers, “Baking Soda or Baking Powder: Are they the same? Will it affect your recipe, if you substitute one for another?...

fondant tips and tricks

Fondant 101: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Have you ever wished that you could create a cake that looks professional? In this post, we teach you all that you need to know about using sugar paste icing aka fondant for a fancy birthday cake. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy terms, just give it a try!

If you’ve seen the elaborate, fondant cakes doing the rounds on social media – you’re sure to have felt impressed, and a bit overwhelmed. However, there’s nothing to be intimidated by it...

Cupcakes woes and its remedies

Troubleshoot your Cupcake Woes with our Easy to Fix Tips and Tricks

Do you love cupcakes? (Come on, who doesn’t enjoy these adorable bite-sized desserts?!!) Tried replicating them at home, only to meet with disaster?

Fret not, our team of expert bakers, here at GurgaonBakers, to your rescue. Here in this post, we help you bake picture-perfect cupcakes that not only taste heavenly but also look simply irresistible. Let’s get started!

Top 15 Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

The Top 15 Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? Have you decided on your wedding cake yet? Looking for inspiration and hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest, hot trends in the wedding scene? ...

Ways to pack your Gifts

Super Awesome & Creative Ways to Pack your Edible Gifts, this upcoming Festive Season

We, here at Gurgaon Bakers, believe that the best gifts are the ones that are edible. The soft gingerbread cookies you can share with your neighbour, the pound cakes you can ship to your cousin in a remote corner of the country, the chewy caramels to take to office to leave on your desk for your colleagues to enjoy, the hot chocolate mix you can gift to your kid’s teacher or a last-minute granola jar to thank your hostess – there’s no doubt that,“Baked Goodies are the best way to brighten up someone’s day.”...

Vegan and Gluten Free Baking

All that you need to know to get started with Vegan and Gluten-free Baking!

If baking is science, then does it make vegan and gluten free baking rocket science?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s the ultimate guide to gluten-free, vegan baking. Within no time, you’ll bid adieu to the dull, bland, rock-hard vegan cookies and gluten-free cakes and you’ll be baking culinary masterpieces that will be difficult to believe that they are VGF (vegan and gluten-free)...

Guide to measure baking ingredients

Baking Basics : How to Measure Ingredients for your Recipes

In conventional cooking, you can get away with eyeballing the amount of ingredients you add to your dishes – a knob of butter, three to five tomatoes, a fist-sized ball of mozzarella – anything works. On the contrary, baking is chemistry and requires accuracy and precision. Add just a few more spoons of flour, your cake ends up tough and dry. Too less, your cake fails to rise or doesn’t have a rigid structure....

History of cake and its decorating

Stepping back in Time to Unravel the History of Cake and Cake Decorating!

Do you know that your favourite dessert, “Cake” has a long tradition? Today, cakes are readily available anywhere in the world. As soon as the urge to eat one hits you, you can head to your nearest bakery to satisfy your whim or bake one right in your kitchen within half an hour. However, centuries ago it wasn’t easy to bake a cake, and only the wealthy could afford it....

Reasons why eating Cake is good

7 Reasons why Eating Cake is Actually Good for You

Even before the time, Marie Antoinette notoriously said, “Let them eat cake”, this tiny slice of heaven has been making generations and generations of people, happy and makes life worthwhile. Yes, the very word, “Cake” makes our hearts skip a beat and our tongues salivate....

tips for healthy baking

Your Guide to Getting Started with Healthy Baking

Healthy Baking? Are you wondering how that is even possible? Well, it’s true that “Healthy” and “Baking” are two words that don’t go together. But, in today’s post, we are going to show you the ways, to have your cake and stick to your diet! Doesn’t that sound magical? Let’s dive right in!...

Qualities of Master Baker

Join Us as we Figure out What it Takes to be a Master Baker

We here at GurgaonBakers, often wonder what differentiates a master baker from the thousands of aspiring bakers out there? How do a few continue to excel while others stagnate or hit a plateau? After a heated discussion held over a few plates of freshly baked, yummy goodies straight from the oven, we hit the jackpot...

Muffins versus Cupcakes

Muffins versus Cupcakes - An Epic Battle!

Muffins versus Cupcakes! Ah, the never-ending debate that makes best friends take opposite sides of the camp. It’s a subject of epic proportions, and today, we’ve bravely wandered into the storm to try to put an end to this puzzling question. ...

Rakshabandhan gift ideas


Rakshabandhan is just around the corner, this week you may be planning to buy gifts for your brothers. Keeping sweets in the gifts is a passé now, think differently and keep something which is relished and remembered for long time. Needless to say, sweets have so much calories and it’s a no brainer to ...



If beautiful and clean drawn greetings on cake amazes you and you are interested to know how its managed so nicely, you are at the right webpage. It’s a straight forward process if done correctly. It is definitely not difficult which the final result gives you the impression. Following is to be adhered to for...



The way car is to a racer, OTG has the same significance for any baker, you would agree. It is quite instrumental in baking the great food again and again over the years. Its cleaning is quite important. It seems a complicated piece of electrical device and you may just be wiping it with the wet cloth. This may...



Summer vacations are getting over; reality check of the refrigerator may give you a picture which would not look perfect. Vacations means parties at home which must have forced you to stuff your refrigerator with a lot of leftover food which has now started smelling. Need not to worry, there are do it yourself...



You will agree that cake cutting is one of the most cherished time during any of the occasion you celebrate. Cake is a piece of craftsmanship, that delight your taste buds. Cake is generally required in most of the themed parties planned be it a child’s birthday party or its you celebrating your anniversary...



Are you making up your mind to take up the cooking class, however not sure if it's worth it? There are some very good reasons why you should opt for a cooking class which we have shared below, hopefully it will help you in taking a right decision...



We supply few dozen cakes every day, most frequently asked question from our esteemed customers at the time of delivery is how do we need to keep the Cake fresh, whether should we refrigerate it, how to wrap it and so on. In this article we have shared our thoughts on it. This is articulated considering a general climate....



Has this happened with you that you whipped cake batter, transferred it wisely in the cake pan and baked it in the oven. You started getting a feeling perfect cake is there in the offering however during the baking process or maybe after the container has been pulled out, cake begins to fall flat in the middle...



Is your kid a fussy eater? Do they love to eat cookies picked from the shelfs of upmarket store? We kept on hearing such narratives from the worried parents. In this article, we have shared a cooking recipe which has healthy ingredients in it and can easily be made at home. Also the turnaround time to make...



Do you love eating the doughnuts in the food joints in your city? Would you like to take yourself a baking pan, and bake the delectable doughnuts within few minutes at home? You just need easy to get ingredients and basic equipment like OTG/ microwave to bake this delicacy...