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Frost Free Berry Blossom Wedding Cake

Rs. 8000

Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cakes? Then naked cakes are the perfect choice for you.

Recently, bakers are holding back the frosting for an exposed look which is gaining increasing popularity among young couples. The advantage of these naked cakes is that you can try any flavor for the cake base as your heart desires. Elegant and tasty, without the dreaded sugar rush, naked cakes are perfect for wedding ceremonies.

This cake consists of two tiers, each with three layers of cake. The layers are stacked with icing and ripe fresh strawberries. The entire cake is decorated with fresh flowers and fruits. Finally, the cake is dusted with powdered sugar to a dash of sweetness.

This cake will surely add more sweetness to your big day. Your guests will fall in love with the “Frost Free Berry Blossom Wedding Cake” from Gurgaon Bakers.

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