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A Berry Merry Wedding Cake

Rs. 12,000

Skip the gallons of icing and opt for this flavourful “Berry Merry Wedding Cake.” Piled high with the fresh produce of the season, this cake has plenty of handpicked strawberries and blueberries, making for a highly flavourful cake. The rich buttery layers combined with the tartness of the berries pack a big punch. Let your taste buds burst with flavour with this fresh concoction.

Though naked, this cake delivers high on the aesthetic scale. Artistically arranged, the Berry Merry Wedding cake has several layers of fresh, sponge cakes filled with homemade fruit preserves. The layers are then decorated with fresh-cut berries, fresh flowers and sprinkled with a generous dose of icing sugar to add to the sweetness.

“The Berry Merry Wedding Cake” is a seasonal cake and the fruits used for decorating vary with the season. Get in touch with to buy wedding cake online to check the availability.

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