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GurgaonBakers is among the best cake shops in Gurgaon that provide online cake delivery when you Order cake online in Gurgaon. We are a Bakery in Gurgaon where you can order cake and send cakes anywhere in entire Gurgaon. That’s not all, consider GurgaonBakers for the next baking classes you are planning to enroll for. To complete the story, we are a leading service provider arranging the Fun Activities in Kids Birthday party. We have become a well-known specialist Caterers for small gatherings especially the birthday parties.

We have cakes for any of the occasions you are planning to celebrate right from baby shower cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, chocolate cakes, Designer Cakes, Wedding Cakes, red velvet cakes, fruit cakes, Tea Cakes, Jar Cakes, Photo Cakes, office party cakes etc. Our Cakes are fresh and are made with organic ingredients, no preservatives are used. Cake online ordered in Gurgaon is delivered at your door step for very nominal charges. Send cakes in Gurgaon TODAY!

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When it is a special celebration like Birthday, Marriage Anniversary or any corporate party, every celebration deserve cake in Gurgaon from GurgaonBakers.

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To buy or order a cake you don't need to step outside from your home/Office, you can always order cake online in Gurgaon with GurgaonBakers at your own ease, who will take care of everything like on time delivery, Cashless payments etc. Our cakes are made to order by our bakers, delivered with care across the Gurgaon and come with our Perfection Guarantee. Using only the finest ingredients, our cakes make the perfect surprise for everyone and on every occasion.

Cake online in Gurgaon for any occasion from GurgaonBakers

Don’t you find it tough to search the bakery shop which can serve you with freshly baked cake? It's a known fact that rates are quite expensive that it doesn't gel with the regular consumption. It’s a task in itself to visit the local market, search the parking slot and taking 10 minutes out from the shopkeeper is a challenge. GurgaonBakers is the right solution – order cake online in Gurgaon at your comfort, sitting in home and get it at your doorstep. We have become the most favored online destination in Gurgaon to meet any of your bakery needs. See you online!

What differentiates GurgaonBakers!

There are surplus reasons which have made us the first choice to the consumers in Gurgaon. Midnight delivery! Naah, Complete bakery solutions – you name it, we have it! Tools, products, knowledge! We supply freshly bakes products only! No preservatives used! Experience on site makes your ordering and decision making so much easier! Your order is most important for us, complete personal attention to each delivery! Backed by technology, we give you an experience, not just off the shelf bakery products! Cash on delivery option! We really really want to be your supplier of the cake you are planning to order next!

What do we do?

We have multiple services to offer to our clientele base in Gurgaon –

Different Flavours of cakes in Gurgaon

Choose cake Flavours listed online ranging from traditional ones like; vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet and many more. Our easy online portal is one stop for a grand celebration where you can order cakes online. With just one click, you can send cakes in Gurgaon to your loved ones and make their special days even more special. Delivery can be done even at midnight with our midnight delivery services. We have special offerings for the joyous occasions like birthday , anniversary , house warming party and many more. All our products are made fresh after receiving the order, and we don’t use any preservatives. Delivered at your door step at no extra charges.

Gift Packs – We provide the comprehensive range of online gifts required during several occasions round the year. We have the most competitive prices to offer and deliveries are happening at your home. Pay us when material is delivered to you.

Bakery classes – We are sharing our expertise with the subject enthusiasts in Gurgaon. In case you want to amaze your friends, family members with your culinary skills or make your cookery hobby as your profession, Gurgaon Bakers is the best partner in Gurgaon which can help you in realizing the dream. Check our classes section for different courses offered by us. They are very well managed and you can be sure to pick the practical tips and know the secrets required in this ever growing field. We are surely the best in providing cake making classes .

Fun activities on Birthday – Make the party of your kid totally enjoyable, opt for our cupcake decoration activity and many more this time. Kids and parents have a gala time using it.

Birthday parties Catering – You need to enjoy the birthday party celebrated rather then worrying about the catering part of it. We pitch in as the Birthday party caterers making your time spent in the party a breeze, allowing you to spend time mingling with the guests and we take the charge of food booths.

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We believe in being Creative, kinetic and responsible. We make sure to pass the maximum benefits to the customers you are the ones who is making us to grow at such a great pace. We serve you with mouth-watering products at most competitive prices. Your repeat order is the biggest motivation for us which is making it happen!

Joyful and safe shopping! Every time! Every order!

Entire experience of making any purchase on the site is smooth and mad joyful. Website is made clutter free and different services are clearly defined and segmented. Complete process to make the purchase is as smooth as it can be. We are tied up with the leading Payment Gateway providers like PayU, PayTM which is making the online payments safe and secure. Also for user ease, cash on delivery facility is provided to our valuable customers.

Looking forward to serve you next time! Happy Baking!

I nternet has completely modified the rules of shopping in last decade. There are so many great advantages attached which has made the ordering of cakes in Gurgaon an amazing experience. With the advent of technology in this domain, % of consumers using net and making the purchase of cake online in Gurgaon is increasing leaps and bounds. Preferences are changing and same trend has changed the way bakery business is operating now. Technology and trend has touched upon this segment like never before. Power of social media, website and search has enabled so many home bakers to rise and compete with the traditional bakery in Gurgaon like never before. We are seeing the change and would like you also to get the advantages which have become the norm in todays time

Below are top 8 reasons covered which have changed the complete paradigm of the industry.

#1 Shopping at your Convenience

This is the biggest advantage – if it’s very hot or cold outside or it rains and you have to step out to order the cake at the nearest bakery. Change the clothes, get into the car and beat the traffic to reach the store. Don’t you think this much time can be utilized much better way and on better things. No more standing in the queue. Buy 24x7x365 at your convenience. It is helping the environment also indirectly.

#2 Better prices

There is a very good reason why lot of Brick and Mortar bakery shops have moved from retail shop to online cake shop. Conventional shops come at a price – one time and recurring. Further they need people to manage the bakery store. Electricity, maintenance etc. This money has to come out from someone’s pocket and that pocket is generally yours. Isn’t it better to get price and seasonal schemes running on any online cake delivery store which doesn’t have to bear such charges. Cost advantage is passed to the valuable customers only.

#3 Lot of variety to choose from

The kind of variety of cakes available online is in abundance. In bakery how many cakes can be kept? In normal cake booklet available in store which has exchanged hands so many times needs to be regularly updated keeping latest cake design trends in mind, which generally is not the case with majority of them. You surf the site, use the filters -pricewise, design wise etc. and reach the final cake of your liking. Can’t get better than this.

#4 It was never so easy to send birthday cake to your friends & relatives

With our website, sending gift to your loved ones in Gurgaon has become so much easy. Be it their birthday or wedding anniversary or want to gift on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Daughter’s day, Father's Day, and so forth it remains such a joyous experience.

#5 Impulse buying is controlled

It has been widely seen that while doing conventional shopping you end up spending quite more actually. You end up adding more calories by consuming full meal as you are out from home, also temptation to buy other stuff from the store shelf also increase your bill. This sort of temptations can be checked in your online experience though on visiting gurgaonbakers.com you may have some temptations to control. Also shopkeepers who are great salesman end up selling things which you may not actually need it. Choice is definitely yours.

#6 Comparing the prices was never so easy

Within few clicks you get to know the price offered by different online bakeries in Gurgaon. Your favourite cake will cost how much on your favourite GurgaonBakers site. Also real reviews and ratings about the cakes allows you to make informative decision and it makes the life so easy. This factor gives lot of comfort to the end user when buying decision has to be made.

#7 Do you like being in crowded place?

We don’t like being in the crowded place, so do you. During festivals or special days like valentine’s day markets are buzzing with so much crowd. It becomes a task in itself to get the time out from shopkeepers, leave alone explaining your requirement of the designer cake you have planned for your child. Getting parking space is a different animal altogether. We make hasty decisions which most of the time turn out to be not so good.

#8 Fresh cakes at your disposal

Bakery shops in Gurgaon have few cakes on the display, these cakes are generally baked few hours back and in worst cake a day before. However, with the online shopping, cake is baked only after order is secured. It’s so much better to consume something which is freshly baked and delivered directly at your doorstep directly from takin out the oven.